Windows Azure is Multi Language

At divers event Microsoft tells Windows Azure is Multi Language, or Java is a first class citizen of Windows Azure. This part of the website show it is completely true. If you wonder what other means, C++ or Python or any language you can think of.

SQL Azure enhancements (December 2011)

There are a few enhancements made to the Windows Azure Management portal as I told you in my previous blogpost Billing is one of them. But there are also enhancements made to SQL Azure. Now you can choose for 100 Gb or 150 Gb as max sizes. And if 150 Gb is not enough. With Federation there is no limit anymore. By making different feds you are able to go beyond the 150 Gb database limit! More info on that later! And then the clean and nice interface in Silverlight 5 How cool is that!  

New Billing Portal for Windows Azure

The Billing Portal for Windows Azure has been redesigned and much more useful. On the Windows Azure management portal you can click on the Billing link at the top. After that you a second tab within Internet Explorer will open and redirect you to the Billing portal. New is you don’t have to retype your password, but SSO will do the trick. On the Subscription overview screen you see your subscriptions and the running costs. You can edit your profile and it is more easier to add a new subscription. Clicking on the subscription will result in more details about … Continue reading New Billing Portal for Windows Azure