Office 365 en Mobile

Office 365 is Microsofts online Office hosted in the Cloud. The previous version was called BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services), but Office 365 contains the latest and greatest versions of the on premise software.

With Microsoft Online Services you always work online with the best software of Microsoft for a fixed price per user per month. This service is from verzorgd and the data is in the datacenters of Microsoft also in Ireland and the Netherlands. Microsoft Online Services offers Office 365 (plan P1), for professionals and small organizations, with the following functionalities:

  • Email, agenda and contacts: fast and trusted work with Microsoft Outlook of via Outlook Web Access (OWA) in the browser with Microsoft Exchange Online,
  • Share documents and collaborate: easy by using Microsoft SharePoint Online,
  • Instant messaging and webmeetings: Easy communicating with Microsoft Lync Online,
  • Public website: Based on the standard templates with Microsoft SharePoint Online,
  • Work with Files: Documents from the browser with Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote).


Sharing documents via a SharePoint team site is extremely easy.


The SDN is using for their internal BPOS at the moment. I have a private Office 365 P subscription. But also for big businesses Office 365 has a lot to offer. There are even possibilities to connect the Company PBX to Lync.

But the best part of Office 365 is the integration with Windows Phone 7. Of course you can connect with the Windows Phone outlook client to the Office 365 exchange server.


But on a Windows Phone 7 there is a Tile with the name Office or the Office Hub. This hub contains besides Skydrive integration also the possibility to connect to SharePoint sites of Office 365. In the Office hub the following can be done.


At this moment there is also a Mobile version of the Lync client avail, so even on your phone you can be online(!?).


But this not limited to the Microsoft platform. There is also a Lync client for the iPhone/iPad.


Office 365 is great for businesses. For the consumer there is also a cheaper alternative. With your Live id (hotmail or live or MSN), SkyDrive, Messenger and Windows Phone 7 you have it too. The only think you miss then is a SharePoint teamsite and a Public website. These can be reached on a iPhone/iPad nowadays, the websites are based on HTML5.

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