Windows Azure management via WP7

At this moment Windows Azure services can be monitored and management via the Windows Azure management portal. But the portal is implemented via Silverlight, which is less accessible with a browser with no support of plugins.

The Windows Azure platform has a rich API to support management REST calls to control and manage your services. The API is very helpful to implement tooling on different platforms. There are also PowerShell Cmdlets or Cerebrata Cmdlets to perform most of the management tasks.

If you want to use the API from a Windows forms app it is rather simple. Here is a snippet. A more extensive example can be found in the Windows Azure Development Cookbook from Niel Mackenzie (Windows Azure MVP).


I always wanted to make a implementation on my Windows Phone 7 device. But…

A few weeks ago I found a very nice Windows Phone 7 app. With this app you can manage your Windows Azure services from your Windows Phone 7.


As you can see it is even possible to add of remove an instance of your service. Ok, if you want to tried this at home, there is no direct call for it. You have to get the configuration, change it and post it back.

More information can be found on


I will come with more details on the management API later.

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