MEET Windows Azure on June the 7th

Windows Azure is on my radar since its first public CTP at PDC’2008. Nowadays a lot of my working hours and beyond are filled with Windows Azure! And I love it. Get ready to MEET Windows Azure live on June the 7th. Register to watch live (June the 7th 1PM PDT) here. Be informed by following the conversation @WindowsAzure, #MEETAzure, #WindowsAzure And, if you want to be more social, register for the Social meet up on Twitter event, organized by fellow Azure MVP Magnus Martensson. You don’t want to miss this event! See you there! MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay: Roger … Continue reading MEET Windows Azure on June the 7th

VS11 Beta + WIF

With Visual Studio 11 Beta there is also a update of the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) tools. The exact details are better told by Captain Identity (Vittorio Bertocci). For the Cloud cover show with him about these tools: I played with it and it looks very promising. Did I write in my Latest Blogpost, ACS is a lot of configuration and turning knobs. With the Tools update it became quite simpler. Because the Visual Studio 11 tools for Windows Azure are not there yet, I use a screendumps of a normal Website. In the context menu of a Webproject … Continue reading VS11 Beta + WIF

Windows Azure + WIF + Access Control (ACS)

When you going to use the Access Control Service (ACS) on the Windows Azure platform, then there are enough resources to help you. For example here. A lot of configuration has to be done, but it is do-able on the ACS website and in your application. But deploying your Windows Azure application to the Cloud is a different cookie. Here are some steps I found the hard way. NB It is a good practice to make the website use SSL. 1) The Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) runtime. On the standard Windows Azure instances the WIF runtime is not there. After … Continue reading Windows Azure + WIF + Access Control (ACS)