VS11 Beta + WIF

With Visual Studio 11 Beta there is also a update of the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) tools. The exact details are better told by Captain Identity (Vittorio Bertocci). For the Cloud cover show with him about these tools: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vbertocci/archive/2012/03/16/the-wif-tools-for-visual-studio-11-beta-on-cloudcover.aspx

I played with it and it looks very promising. Did I write in my Latest Blogpost, ACS is a lot of configuration and turning knobs. With the Tools update it became quite simpler.

Because the Visual Studio 11 tools for Windows Azure are not there yet, I use a screendumps of a normal Website.


In the context menu of a Webproject there is now a menu item ‘Identity and Access’. This is the startingpoint to implement Access control on your Website. When choosing this item, a screen appears with a few options.


Now you can choose for a local development STS, ADFS2 or ACS. The other two tabs can be used to enter provider specific settings. The tabs are context aware.

The local development STS we all have missed in our WIF developments. Choosing this one and on the third tab you see the values. This way you can local test you site better with different claims etc.

clip_image005 clip_image006

Starting the Website in VS11 means that in the taskbar a LocalSTS tool appears.


And on the website in the Login control the name from the third tabs show up.


At this moment I do not have a ADFS2 environment. So I can not show you the details on that. But a Windows Azure ACS environment I do have and works the same. You provide the ACS account data (namespace and management key). Then select the desired Identity providers for your application. NB these have to be added manually on the ACS administration page.

clip_image009 clip_image010

After OK, you see changes in your web.config with referrals to ACS.


Running gives what you expect.


Also on the ACS management portal things are automatically added, changed and removed.


Isn’t that great! Ok, I assume it not complete yet. SSL should be done via de config etc. But it looks really good.

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