Microsoft Surface

No, not the big touch table, but a real Slate was announced last night by Microsoft. The announcement took place at night in the Netherlands. Lot of fellow nerds were watching the live blogs of ZD net etc. Nobody knew about the story to be told. The secretcy was big this time.

There were already some (Samsung, Asus) available and some vendors (HP) had announced some. During the Build conference last year all the attendees got a Samsung slate with Windows 8 developer preview.

But last night also came an end to the question about the ARM Windows 8 slates. Until then nobody has seen one. Lot’s of rumours, but no pictures. But what a beautifull thing it is! The Touch cover contains a keyboard which makes it unique. Briljant, some Android tablets already had some lookalike solutions. But this one is really cool!


We have to be patient. The Surfaces don’t come before Windows 8 is general available. There will be two: with ARM processor and a normal INTEL processor. The ARM runs Windows RT with Office and the Intel runs Windows 8 pro.

Watch the complete keynote

Microsoft Surface Keynote


This will be the start of a new era.

NB Although I curious aboute the ‘old’ product with the Surface (Pixel Sense). How will it change now?

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