//Build and Windows Azure

.NET SDK Windows Azure SDK 1.8 for .NET is released. The SDK is available for Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012. You can install it via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Type “Windows Azure” in the search and the necessary stuff pops up Visual Studio Tooling The Server Explorer is expanded with functionality, especially where it is the Service bus. The credentials can be loaded easy now. There are now many more scenarios for testing topics and queues. Also updating the properties of a queue is possible. Before you had to delete and create a queue to do that. … Continue reading //Build and Windows Azure

VM name customization

If you create a Role (Web, Worker of VM) on Windows Azure, the machine always gets a generated Computer name. This name always starts with RD followed by a number. RD stands for Red Dog, which was the codename of Windows Azure. But the computer name can be customized. In the Service Configuration cscfg file you can enter a vmName besides a Role name. The vmName will be the Computername of the machine on Windows Azure and it will be suffixed with a number too. See below. I have an app with 2 roles, one WebRole and one WorkerRole. The … Continue reading VM name customization

Windows Azure Portal Updates

Like it supposed to be in a Cloud environment, with steady updates come new features and updates to the Windows Azure portal. Since today new updates and features are added to the Windows Azure portal. Here is a small summary. Updates 1) With the Windows Azure portal you could already edit the settings from the ServiceConfiguration.cscfg. In the beginning the size of the fields were to little, from now on that is changed. 2) On the Storage pages you could not do much. Of course with the different tools from third party vendors, but to create a container could be … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Updates

MVP renewal 2012

Yesterday I received a mail from Microsoft: “Congratulations 2012 Microsoft MVP”. For the third year I may call myself Microsoft MVP. Thanks everyone for the support and Microsoft for the trust. MICROSOFT MVP VISUAL C#