Windows Azure Portal Updates

Like it supposed to be in a Cloud environment, with steady updates come new features and updates to the Windows Azure portal. Since today new updates and features are added to the Windows Azure portal. Here is a small summary.


1) With the Windows Azure portal you could already edit the settings from the ServiceConfiguration.cscfg. In the beginning the size of the fields were to little, from now on that is changed.

7-10-2012 18-45-49

2) On the Storage pages you could not do much. Of course with the different tools from third party vendors, but to create a container could be done perfect from the portal. With this new refresh support is added. Which makes a tool switch unnecessary and even better now it can be done from a mobile device.

7-10-2012 17-56-52

Also the deletion of a blob is now possible.

7-10-2012 17-58-57

Hopefully there will come support for managing the Windows Azure tables and Windows Azure storage queues.

3) There was a menu item to manage settings. This is expanded with the possibility to add the creation of Co-administrators. We had to go to the Silverlight version of the portal, now that is not needed anymore.

7-10-2012 18-08-20

I am expecting a feature to manage your subscriptions to some extend.


1) Service bus

The management of the Servicebus has come to the new portal! This is great!

7-10-2012 17-57-15

Not only a Service bus namespace, but also Queues / Topics and Relays can be managed from the portal. Very beautiful.

7-10-2012 17-58-03

2) Import / Export Databases

Via the Silverlight portal you could export and import Windows Azure SQL Databases too and from storage. This now also possible with the HTML portal.

7-10-2012 18-12-34

7-10-2012 18-04-19

This is really great all those additions and updates. The use of the Silverlight portal will become less needed.

Well done Windows Azure product team! Congratulations!

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