Windows Azure Mobile Services

Since some time the Windows Azure Mobile Services are available via de Windows Azure management portal. These Mobile Services make it easier to quickly create a mobile application with Windows Azure as backend. It is not limited to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but also iOS is a target platform. Like we getting used to the new possibilities on the Windows Azure portal and the Cloud services are rapidly added and enhanced.


We already were able to create Mobile applications with Windows Azure SQL Databases as backend, use push notifications and use different identity providers. But now there is also scheduler service possibility added. Which can be used for other services too.

Now everything can also be configured and maintained via the Command line tools. That is really great, now our ALM ALM processes can be automated even better for every Windows Azure development. Because less manual actions, the better.

Nick Harris (@cloudnick) also published lots of new examples. With these examples you will be shown the endless possibilities of the Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Geolocation sample end to end using Windows Azure Mobile Services


Enqueue and Dequeue messages with Windows Azure Mobile Services and Services Bus


Capture, Store and Email app Feedback using Windows Azure Mobile Services


Upload File to Windows Azure Blob Storage using Windows Azure Mobile Services


Create a Game Leaderboard using Windows Azure Mobile Services


So why wait! Get ready developing Windows Azure Mobile applications.

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