Windows Azure Free Trail

Because I wanted to connect a Windows Azure account with my Office 365 account, so I started a new Windows Azure subscription. In this blogpost I will show you the steps needed in the process of creating a new subsciption. You can start with Windows Azure without any risks, when the free usage is done it will stop without any costs.

The first step is going to:


When choosing for “Buy now”, you get a screen like this.


I assume a private use, meaning we want to use what we really use and we do not want to buy capacity upfront. Buying upfront capacity can be great for companies or startups, this way they get a steady bill. This also gives you a discount. Which is the same as the Telecom providers do.

You have to connect with your Microsoft Account. I wanted to connect the Windows Azure Free Trial with my Office 365 account. The following steps will be the same for both accounts.


So I got the inlog windows of Office 365.


When connected to the Office 365 account, you will see the following. Indeed no subscriptions yet 😉 If you already got a Free Trail , you are not allowed to start a new. Then it is only possible to buy a subscription.


After clicking the “Sign up” link, we go on.


We need a mobile number. Just for checking a real person is getting the trails.


You get a text message with a code. This one should be entered during the sign up process.



Then we need a Credit card and your address. There are also other ways of paying but that will be possible with the upfront capacity buy in.


After clicking Next the subscription get provided.


And you are the proud owner of a new Windows Azure subscription. Said otherwise you have unlimited compute power and storage!


When you go to the Portal, by clicking on the button at the upper right. There will be a Welcome wizard, which makes you familiar with the new things on the portal.

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We get the Management portal!


By connecting to the Office 365, the Active Directory is added to your newly made subscription. With all the users of the Office 365 account.


In the Billing menu, click on your e-mail address at the top and chose for “Show my bill”. You see your subscription with the strange name, luckily we can change it.


Click on the white row with (in this case0 “Gratis proefversie van 3 maanden”. There is a overview of your usages and there a number of options. One of which is “change your subscription”.


If you don’t want to get rid of the subscription (which is perfectly understandable 😉 ), click the yellow row.


Have lots of fun with your Windows Azure subscription. And create great and superb applications on the Windows Azure platform. Have fun!

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