Windows Azure SDK 2.0 and Tools

Last week is version 2.0 of the Windows Azure SDK and Visual Studio tools released. And this time not just a few bug fixes, but really good additions. Ok, version number is updated and Windows Server 2012 is the default osFamily of a Role. Also the new VM sizes are added to the tools.   Beside the known Web and Worker Roles there is also a Role specific for the Windows Azure Servicebus added.   But the real news are in the Diagnostics and the Windows Azure Storage in the Server Explorer. The diagnostics is now much better to setup. … Continue reading Windows Azure SDK 2.0 and Tools

IISConfigurator Error

During the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp we saw an IISConfigurator error a few times. The attendees had everything installed according to the Windows Azure prerequisite. But after starting a ‘clean’ Windows Azure Cloud Service the following appeared. The solution in our cases was setting up the IIS feature on the machine. It is not completely clear if the IIS management Console alone is enough.