Windows Azure SDK 2.0 and Tools

Last week is version 2.0 of the Windows Azure SDK and Visual Studio tools released. And this time not just a few bug fixes, but really good additions.

Ok, version number is updated and Windows Server 2012 is the default osFamily of a Role.

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Also the new VM sizes are added to the tools.

 30-4-2013 22-33-55

Beside the known Web and Worker Roles there is also a Role specific for the Windows Azure Servicebus added.

 30-4-2013 22-28-49

But the real news are in the Diagnostics and the Windows Azure Storage in the Server Explorer. The diagnostics is now much better to setup.

 30-4-2013 22-34-44

 30-4-2013 22-34-56

And the Windows Azure Storage in the Server explorer has more functionalities besides a read function. We missed a really simple editor for example Windows Azure Storage tables. A separate tool was needed for that, but know we do not have to leave the Visual studio environment. Also selecting from Storage Table is possible.

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Publishing to Windows Azure Websites can also be done by importing data from the Windows Azure website itself.

 30-4-2013 22-46-31

The deployment of a Cloud Service can be setup far easier. One of the great advantages of Windows Azure is your app is always up, even during a new deployment. The deployment will be split, first server A and then Server B. Sometimes this is not really wanted and now it is possible to bypass this.

 30-4-2013 22-52-19

More info on my blog when I use it, but ofcourse also on the blog of Scott Guthrie

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