Windows Azure Visual Studio Tools 2.1

With the new version of the Windows Azure SDK and Tools 2.1 Windows Azure did conquer his own place in the Server explorer. To be honest it was about time. The server explorer makes it possible for the developer to stay in Visual studio during development. With this he can use his time efficient and not wasting time switching apps/tools.

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Ok, not quite new. Of the Windows Azure platform Cloudservices and Storage were already in the Server explorer. But now they are grouped nicely and together. All components of Windows Azure underneath a header. Exception was made for Windows Azure Websites.

But also for Windows Azure websites you can use the comfort of Visual Studio to adjust or change settings.

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New is the fact that Virtual Machine are now also reachable from the Server explorer. There is no need to go to the portal from Visual Studio a remote desktop connection can be made too.

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How neat is it that Microsoft uses the extensibility of the Windows Azure platform for her own tools. And if they do, why don’t you?

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