Windows 8.1 goodies

It depends on which version of Windows you are using if you like Windows 8. The sentiments about it fill the full range of emotions, some like it a lot and others hate it. The haters mostly don’t like it because their cheese has been moved. It is still there, but a bit difficult to find perhaps. Windows 8 focus on touch. But everything can be done by keyboard and mouse too, although the it is less obvious. The  free upgrade to Windows 8.1 makes a few of the bad things better. The only thing it does not solve is … Continue reading Windows 8.1 goodies

Windows Azure Portal Enhancements 2013-11

They work hard on the Windows Azure portal, which results in many enhancements and changes. It starts with logging in. If you go to the first change/enhancement is there. Before the portal assumed you wanted to login with a Microsoft account. If you wanted to use your Office 365 account (Organizational Account), there was a obscure link left in the picture. The login screen changed to the Office 365 login form. Now you get a clean and empty form with just an edit field. In the edit field an e-mail address is entered. The portal will find what kind … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Enhancements 2013-11

Windows Azure tools 2.2

Evert now and then a new version of the Windows Azure tools for Visual Studio is released. With the arrival of the version of Visual Studio that would be a great update moment. This time not just a refresh of the tools, but there a great jewels of additions. Which are also available for Visual Studio 2012. This time the process to manage your Windows Azure subscriptions in Visual Studio is redesigned and changed. In previous versions you did need to download a .publishsettings xml file (on This file contained all the information about your subscriptions. By importing this … Continue reading Windows Azure tools 2.2

Surface 2 vs Surface RT

I ordered my Surface RT when it came available in Germany. I had lots of fun with it. The differences between a Surface PRO or a Windows 8 laptop are obvious. On a Windows RT you are not able to install desktop apps (for example Visual Studio). Only apps from the Windows Store can be installed and used. Confusingly on both Windows RT and Windows 8 there is a desktop, which suggest and confuse the same time. A Surface RT is accompanied by a free version of Microsoft Office. And now with Windows 8.1 their is also a real Outlook … Continue reading Surface 2 vs Surface RT