Windows 8.1 goodies

It depends on which version of Windows you are using if you like Windows 8. The sentiments about it fill the full range of emotions, some like it a lot and others hate it. The haters mostly don’t like it because their cheese has been moved. It is still there, but a bit difficult to find perhaps. Windows 8 focus on touch. But everything can be done by keyboard and mouse too, although the it is less obvious.

The  free upgrade to Windows 8.1 makes a few of the bad things better. The only thing it does not solve is liking it 😉 However the layout with Tiles will be by default on all Microsoft powered devices: tablet, phone, x-box and PC. If you already installed Windows 8, you can update for free to Windows 8.1. Via the Store the update can be downloaded and installed.

The utterly missed Start button is back again. Well in fact it never left your keyboard, but now it is on screen again. Big difference compared to previous versions of Windows versions our startmenu is replaced by a flat startscreen. The desktop isn’t the center anymore. Lot of Windows users were using the desktop to put shortcuts to their favorite applications/documents/sites etc. These shortcuts are now replaced by living tiles on a Start page. With the addition to show important information or give it a bigger presence. At the end it is all about taste, but also getting used to it. Need your desktop as a center point again? With Windows 8.1 you can boot to the desktop again.

But there a more goodies in Windows 8.1.

The integration with SkyDrive is enhanced now. This very much visible on a Surface RT or other tablet using Windows RT 8.1. Now both configurations use the same usage and SkyDrive is more part of the operating system.

28-10-2013 20-28-45 Screenshot (6)

To get to the Control Panel you now can do a rightmouse click on the Start button. A Command Prompt can be started via the same way (I am using WIN-Q Command a lot oftener). The Control Panel is still more detailed compared to the PC Settings screens. The PC Settings are now better ordered and there is a more leveling in it. It looks cleaner and smoother.

 28-10-2013 20-29-35 28-10-2013 20-30-06

In the previous version of Windows 8 a Registry hack gave you 5 instead of 3 rows with tiles on your Start screen. Nu this can be done on a secure and easy way via PC Settings. Your video card must have enough capacity though. Look for the More Options setting: Smaller of Default.

The default setting:

Screenshot (1) Screenshot (3)

The smaller setting:

Screenshot (2)Screenshot (4)

If your are still using Windows 8, there are enough reasons to use the free update. Not using Windows 8 yet? There are even more reasons to move on to the next generation.

Have fun!

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