Windows Azure Costs

If you get Windows Azure subscription, there is a Spending limit on it. But turning it of made it impossible to add it again later. That pretty annoying especially for the starting Windows Azure developer to keep the costs down. If you connect your Windows Azure subscription to your MSDN account, you get credits to use for every resource on the Windows Azure platform. Even then you want a limit to the costs beyond the credits. Nowadays you can put the spending limit on, but it is all or nothing. You would rather set an alert if you reach a … Continue reading Windows Azure Costs

Visual Studio Online with Azure Websites

During the launch of Visual Studio 2013 they showed us Visual Studio Online codename Monaco. This online version of the desktop Visual Studio makes it possible to make code changes from a none Windows powered device or a Windows RT device without the need of a local installation of Visual Studio. Not completely new, Cloud 9 ( is already available with some likewise. But Microsoft did not build a version yet. It was matter of time if you looked good at their Office Webapps possibilities. With Windows Azure Websites you are now able to set the option to edit it … Continue reading Visual Studio Online with Azure Websites

Web Endpoint Status checks

One remark about Windows Azure which is heard a lot is about Monitoring. Not about the monitoring of the hardware, that is done by the platform itself. But of your own deployment (website, virtual machine, cloud service). Now there is a new feature available. With this feature your End points (visible for your users) can be checked periodically from more then one Microsoft Windows Azure location. For Virtual Machines / Websites / Cloud Services it is beneath the Configure tab and the results of the checks are on the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows something like this: When clicking on the … Continue reading Web Endpoint Status checks

Backup on Windows Azure

Windows Azure is build on the fact that services and applications will never be unavailable by hardware failures. The Windows Azure platform made self healing. Your website runs on a server, in case the physical hardware should break down, the platform will move your website to another server. Also possible with virtual machines and Cloud Services if you have al least two instances of your service. Many think this a great feature of the platform, but they are worried about the failures made by users. How could the platform help us with that? I am not trying to start a … Continue reading Backup on Windows Azure