Visual Studio Online with Azure Websites

During the launch of Visual Studio 2013 they showed us Visual Studio Online codename Monaco. This online version of the desktop Visual Studio makes it possible to make code changes from a none Windows powered device or a Windows RT device without the need of a local installation of Visual Studio.

Not completely new, Cloud 9 ( is already available with some likewise. But Microsoft did not build a version yet. It was matter of time if you looked good at their Office Webapps possibilities.

With Windows Azure Websites you are now able to set the option to edit it with Visual Studio Online.


With this option activated, you can click on the link to edit the website online.


A nice browser based editor starts. Left it shows the folders on the server and right it shows the editor itself. This editor is already very rich! With intellisens and search and highlighting etc.



Neat right? All made possible by using TypeScript!

Happy coding!

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