Web Endpoint Status checks

One remark about Windows Azure which is heard a lot is about Monitoring. Not about the monitoring of the hardware, that is done by the platform itself. But of your own deployment (website, virtual machine, cloud service).

Now there is a new feature available. With this feature your End points (visible for your users) can be checked periodically from more then one Microsoft Windows Azure location.

For Virtual Machines / Websites / Cloud Services it is beneath the Configure tab and the results of the checks are on the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows something like this:


When clicking on the ‘homepage’ (which name you give it yourself), a pop-up shows the results. For every call back you see how many milli seconds it took.


On the configure tab you are able to adjust and enter the end point monitoring check.


Now we need something to alert you without having to visited the Management portal to see the status.

Happy monitoring.

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