Microsoft Azure Websites Backup

If you are using a Microsoft Azure Website, then it is now possible to make regular and automatic backups. This backup routine can also include the linked database or the linked resources. This makes the Microsoft Azure websites a lot more interesting.

Visual Studio Online – Organizational Account

To use Visual Studio Online you need a Microsoft Account. Now it is also possible to use Visual Studio Online in combination with a Office 365 account.     This makes Visual Studio Online available for Business and Enterprise environments.   Of course you can connect this to your Microsoft Azure subscription which is connected to your Office 365 account.

Microsoft Azure Remote Apps

On the Microsoft Azure platform we had the three AAS: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service en Software as a Service. Each has his own position within an Enterprise. IAAS is about virtualization of computers via Virtual Machines. The number of companies using physical hardware is getting very small. With PAAS it is about virtualization of the platform. The application/developer should be unaware about underlying servers and hardware. They don’t need to know it, the platform takes care of the capacities and availability. With SAAS even more of the underlying platform complexities is hidden for the users. Often … Continue reading Microsoft Azure Remote Apps