DevOps session by Richard Campbell

On 26 May Richard Campbell was at Prodware Benelux in Rijswijk. Jarkko of the The Software Architecture and Project Design The Hague organized this presentation. It was a great event and Richard Campbell proved once again he is a great speaker. The session was recorded and can be watch via YouTube.

Scheduled Jobs Azure Websites

Do you need a schedules job on Microsoft Azure Website? For example to copy files to another location or do some sort of background task? Till now the Azure specialists always told you to go for Cloud Services. Within Cloud Services in a different thread you could do you jobs etc. But now there is the availability of webjobs on Microsoft Azure websites. These can be run according to a schedule. That helps a lot.

Azure Websites staging

During the development of software we use these steps design, develop, test and deploy. Agile or not, these steps always exists. Different environments for the different parts. During development you need a development environment and that is usually local. Testing is done on a Test environment and most of the time this is centrally maintained. On Production we just deploy and previous steps validate this is without errors. But sometimes a deployment (production or test does not matter) needs some processes to light up the environment a bit. For example the first call to a website always takes some time. … Continue reading Azure Websites staging