Visual Studio Editor TIP

A few days ago I had to adjust a text file. I needed it for testing with BizTalk whatsoever. In the Text file I needed to remove some columns and replace it with something else. Not sure what is was, but with Visual Studio it was a peace of cake. Normally I use Notepad or Excel for this sort of action. I known there are other tools like Notepad++, but this is not installed on all my machines. NB That should be synced to in Windows 8. Anyways, the Visual Studio editor has a lot of handy features. Assume this … Continue reading Visual Studio Editor TIP

Kinect for Windows V2 – Sensor

Probably you have already heard or read about it. In our SDN event in March we had a session and in our SDN magazine 120 there was an article, both by Dennis Vroegop and based on the Developers preview kit. In the meantime a lot is changed. The accompanied SDK has changed a lot and almost weekly there are new features. There is a public preview SDK available. After the installation of the SDK you get these apps: Gesture Builder Kinect Studio SDK Browser (examples) But without a device the SDK is not very useful, since 15 July the Kinect … Continue reading Kinect for Windows V2 – Sensor

Windows Phone 8.1

Soon a nice update will come to your Windows Phone 8: Windows Phone 8.1. This update contains a lot of UI updates but also additions like other platforms know. It will be possible to have a background picture. This picture will show in the icons with a transparent picture. On Android and Apple platform there is a notification center. On these devices you swipe from the top down and you get a overview of all notifications. Here you can see al text messages, Whatsapp, mails or other notifications. This will come to Windows Phone too. I am using it for … Continue reading Windows Phone 8.1