Kinect for Windows V2 – Sensor

Probably you have already heard or read about it. In our SDN event in March we had a session and in our SDN magazine 120 there was an article, both by Dennis Vroegop and based on the Developers preview kit.

In the meantime a lot is changed. The accompanied SDK has changed a lot and almost weekly there are new features. There is a public preview SDK available. After the installation of the SDK you get these apps:

  • Gesture Builder
  • Kinect Studio
  • SDK Browser (examples)

18-Jul-14 11-18-26

But without a device the SDK is not very useful, since 15 July the Kinect sensor is available via the Microsoft Store.

18-7-2014 11-30-36 

The differences with the Developer preview are:

  • The sensor comes in a nice box 😉


  • The connector and power supply are much better designed. The lower block makes the connection between your sensor and your PC (USB 3), with the Developer Preview this part was bigger and not styled at all. Theoretical you could use the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor on a Xbox ONE, which is not allowed by the way. The other way around is not possible, the sensor-to-usb unit is missing.


  • The camouflage stickers are removed of course ;-). Compared to the Xbox ONE sensor the XBox logo and the XBox text on top are removed.


I got my pre-ordered retail version, I am curious when the Developer Preview version will be replaced with a ‘real’ Kinect.

In later Blog posts I will talk about the SDK and examples.

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