Surface Pro 3

Today my Surface Pro 3 (i7 with  256 Gb disk 8Gb memory) finally came. I looked forward to its arrival for a long time and I am very curious about the differences.


And the differences are big. First the screen is 12 inch, 2 more than the previous Pro’s. Also the ratio of the screen is different (2:3) and therefore also the resolution (2160×1440). The pen has a battery in it. The Surface Pro 3 can bend in more steps than the previous ones. The first had 1 position, the second had two en the third has multi. I am very curious how it will hold on the real world. The power supply of the Pro/RT 2 and the 3 are not interchangeable. The connector on the Surface is really different, old one did not work perfect in real life.

If you stack the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 you see the differences in size. On the picture the bottom one is my Samsung Ultrabook of 13 inch. Compared to the size Surface Pro 3 could replace the Samsung.


Thickness is quite obvious. The Samsung looks smaller by the way is was designed.


There is quite a difference between the Pro 2 and the Pro 3.


Also in weight. Disclaimer it is not a calibrated scale, it for illustration only.

Surface Pro 2


Surface Pro 3


Samsung Ultrabook


Coming weeks I will try to use my Surface Pro 3 as my daily machine. Lets see how it stand up in the heat compared to the Samsung (which my workstation at this moment) and the Surface Pro 2.

I will keep you posted. Soon the dockingstation will come too. Another workstation added to the collection 😉

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