Bing while coding

Every developer does it, during developing you search the for tips and tricks. In the last couple of years the number of resources on the internet is grown. Help, tips and code example can be found on many forums, MSDN, CodeProjectStackOverflow and many many other places. It is impossible to know them all or to have them in a list or so. So we use our favorite search engine get the help we need. We have to leave the comfort of Visual Studio. You start a browser browser and search. Since a few weeks there is a handy extension for Visual Studio available. With this you can stay in your development environment.

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Do yo have to something special during coding? Nope, it works automatically. You start typing your code and the intellisense kicks in (or press ALT+space). The results of the intellisense are extended with Bing search results.

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How handy! So besides the standard documentation you see the code examples from the community.

If this still not gives enough information or you need to start a different kind of search, in de menubar a searchbox added. Type hre your question and in your Visual Studio the results will show in a handy and clear view.

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Not everyone has full internet during work. Demo and code examples can be placed on a local location and it will serve as source for the Bing Visual Studio tool.

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How handy! In this way you don’t need to switch context during coding. You can stay in the flow.

Happy coding!

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