IoT (2) Intel Galileo

At the last //Build conference they spoke about Windows on a Intel mainboard. Intel developed a chip which was capable of running Microsoft Windows. The board is a Intel Galileo. In fact it is a Arduino board so the available Arduino components (of which a lot is available) can be used with it.

The Arduino development environment is shown below. The code is C / C++. The example will make the onboard led blink.

30-8-2014 19-20-31

I wanted Windows on it of course. Therefore I had to perform a firmware update. The Arduino development environment is fairly simple. It is copy/paste of a directory with everything in it. It also contains the Firmware update.

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To get Windows for the Galileo board, you need Microsoft Connect access to the Windows Embedded Pre-release program. Via these pages on GitHub they tell you the steps to install.

Below the process of installing on the SD card.

19-8-2014 21-15-34

WP_20140830_005 - Copy

When ready you need to place the card on the  Galileo board. The Galileo watcher app will show him (if it is connected via USB/Ethernet).

30-8-2014 13-26-08

There is a little Webserver with this Windows too.

30-8-2014 13-25-48

You can create a network share and it will show you the files.

30-8-2014 13-26-58

The directory of the web server. I have changes some text here.

30-8-2014 13-30-57

The directory where the deployments will be done.

30-8-2014 13-27-17

Ok, now we have Windows on it. Lets build something. For .NET Gadgeteer was it simple. With this it will be a little different. There is a Visual Studio 2013 project template for C++.

30-8-2014 13-35-50

For this demo I did not use the onboard led, but I added a led to the board. Via code I will make it blink.

30-8-2014 13-39-06

Does not look difficult. And if you run and debug it, it will show in je Visual Studio.

30-8-2014 13-39-16      

And the led will blink. The red led on the second picture is brighter.


But lets take it a step further. I also bought a 16×2 display for showing texts.

30-8-2014 13-29-40  

Connecting it is less elegant than with the .NET Gadgeteer platform. You need a breadboard and lots of cables to make connections.


But the result of the code is visible. On the screen i++ iterates.

Cool he. I need to experiment more with it. There is a lot of things possible. Although I have to refresh my C++.

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