ConnectionStrings / AppSettings Azure

During my actions to understand Azure webjobs I stumbled upon this nice feature.

A Webjob is deployed with an Azure website. With a Webjob there belongs a dashboard for logging and details on processing. After I deployed my Webjob on this Dashboard I saw errors and warnings. Although my Webjob was running according to the status.


As the error/warning told, I had to add the Connectionstring to the connectionstrings part on the configure part of an Azure website. That cleared the error/warning.


First thought was now I have to configure the Connectionstring on two places. Once on the portal and once in the app.config of the Webjob. This is not I would like it. I don’t like a setting configured on two places. But that is not necessary.

In your code you use:
var storageAccount =

But the value of the Connectionstrings or App settings are entered on the Configure tab of the Azure Website.


And this also works for the App.config of an Azure Webjob.

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