IoT (3) Intel Galileo

In my last blog I already told about Microsoft Windows on a Intel Galileo board.  I showed how to show some texts on a LCD display with C++ code. Not long after that the second generation of the Galileo board came. It was a little more powerful.

In my last blog I had to connect my LCD display via a breadboard to my Galileo. Not uncommon in the Arduino world, but it doesn’t look nice and is very error-prone for not very technical people. So I bought a Seeed Grove Starter Kit. Another advantage of this kit it contains different sensors etc. Very nice to start something.

So why this new post then? This time I did not want to just lid a LED or show some text on a display. But I wanted to combine some stuff. A led on port 13, a LED socket on port 7, a button on port 3 and a LCD display.

The single led blinked permanently, but the other should lid up when you push the button and the display shows that too.

First I did it again in the Arduino environment. On the Galileo there is noting special needed.


He, that is no fun. Windows can be run on this thing, so I had to use that. So move the code from Arduino to a Visual Studio solution. Include the rgb_lcd.h header file and compile. “Rebuild All succeeded”.


Then start the Remote Debugger.


And we break in the first breakpoint.



Before debugging the application is deployed and copied to the Galileo. On the C-disk (the SD card) is a directory Test with the executable. By using telnet you can start the executable. Like you see below, and it stays running till you stop it. Of course there a possibilities to let it start after starting the Galileo.


Next challenge is waiting for the next version of Windows for Galileo, Windows 10. I hope with support for .NET / C#. I am very curious how the many Arduino modules will be available via C#. Microsoft also announced Windows 10 support for Raspberry PI. I bought one, so I will play with it.

At Xpirit and Xebia started a IoT Makers lab. Together with colleagues we are making and designing nice IoT solutions. I will get back on that later!