Windows 10 and Office Apps

Since some weeks I am running the newest Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Surface Pro 3. The first version of Windows 10 was getting the worst behaviors of Windows 8.1 out of the system. Windows 8 was very Touch oriented, the first Technical preview of Windows 10 was more oriented on keyboard and mouse. This new version combines them better.

Some other new and nice additions are Cortana and Continuum. We know the first from the telephone and in same way from the XBox. You can speak to your PC in a natural language and she will understand you. Not like the old days where the computers had a small vocabulary. On the Phone and now on the PC you can activate Cortana by saying ‘Hey Cortana’. (At this moment only available in some countries)

During the first presentation of the Windows 8 successor they showed a slow movie about Continuum. Removing a keyboard will be detected and gives you the possibility to go into tablet mode.

10-2-2015 01-41-26

I have played with it and it works pretty nice. Even if you put the Type cover on a Surface to the back, it detects it as removing the keyboard. Now they should implement it detects a dockingstation too, because then you probably will stay out of tablet mode. One annoying thing when going into Tablet mode the desktop is not available anymore. Documents, shortcuts, apps etc on the desktop cannot be moved/executed or changed in Tablet mode.

Also the startmenu freshed up. On the left hand side the list with all applications is ordered and sorted. Grouping is possible again like we did on the Start screen.

Screenshot (4)

In de first version the icons were changed a little, they have changed more of them.

Screenshot (5)

Screenshot (6)

New in this version, Windows Store apps have more buttons on the title bar. On the right side there are Close, Full screen, maximize and minimize. On the left there is a little menu, with the items of Windows 8 with a Swipe from the right. They had to do this, because the store apps are now running in their own Window.

Screenshot (7)

This will not be the last changes, many will follow in the way to Build and during Build.

There is a new Touch based version of Office available. On all mobile platforms like Android, Apple and Windows Phone we had nice mobile versions of Office. The Android and Apple versions were a little further than on the Microsoft platform itself. But now in Windows 10 a preview of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is available. These have to be installed and downloaded from the store.

10-2-2015 01-34-51

They are rather complete and look very tight and nice.

10-2-2015 01-36-46

New documents will be placed by default on your OneDrive. Very handy, this makes your documents available on all your devices. This makes collaborate with others very easy. In each of the Office products there is a “Collaborate with others” button. Your document on OneDrive will be shared with the person you want to collaborate.

Screenshot (2)

Changes can be seen real time.

PowerPoint is for presentation of course. But like every App store app, it is Windowed so not full screen. Like you used too.

Screenshot (3)

I need some time during real presentations to get acquainted with this. Strange is though, the new menu items and buttons on the Title bar are not there with Office apps. Which I did not expect.

This version of Windows 10 is leaner and meaner, but there are still some rough edges. The Office apps are a real nice addition.