Project Oxford

During the //Build/ Conference they showed a very nice demo; the Photo site (


Project Oxford ( is the base of this app. This API offers a lot of possibilities. The best part, you can use it yourself.


There is a fully documented API available. These API’s are for free for now, but it is a lot of fun to play with it.


Azure Machine Learning is used for the learning of the API. There is a nice free e-book about Machine Learning. Very readable and gives you some basis knowledge of Machine learning.

During the last Ignite Conference there was a second keynote. Done by the Technology and Research department of Microsoft. They showed what they did the past years. Like PowerBI and the translation machine of Skype etc. There was a funny demo about Data analyze and historical data.

When you are in Big Data or likes it, then I suggest you watch the second keynote (Ignite KEY02   The Next Era of Computing: Seeing the Future Before It Happens).

During a IoT Hackaton we connected a Raspberry PI 2 to a camera the photo’s were passed through this API. It worked. Unfortunately we could not use Windows 10 IoT Core yet.