Windows 10 on Raspberry PI 2

The beauty of Windows 10 it runs on your Raspberry PI 2 as well as on your computer/laptop. An Universal Windows App for your laptop with Windows will run without many changes on a Raspberry PI 2.

It is fairly easy. In Visual Studio make an Universal Windows App. Press F5 to run the app locally and test it. That takes a while, but it will run as expected.

To run the same app on the Raspberry PI you need to follow some steps. Your computer is a x86/x64 solution Platform device. A Raspberry PI is based on ARM technology just like many mobile devices.


After choosing the solution Platform ARM Visual Studio will select Device. That is correct for a Mobile phone or tablet, but for a Raspberry PI you need to choose for Remote Machine.

After that you need to add some connection data of the Raspberry PI. Most of the time the Raspberry PI is also detected automatically.

image image

Press F5 again. Visual Studio will build, package and Deploy.


Without any changes tot the code the same app runs on a Raspberry PI 2. Fun! One OS for all devices.

In the movie below I show it live.