Xbox One Development (2)

With the new Windows 10 Update the DEV mode on the Xbox One has also been changed. You now are just like with Windows IoT Core able to look at the device via a webapplication. This application gives you the abilities to uploaden, stopp, start etc apps. It look rather complete. Besides this there is also a new Dev Companion app for Windows 10. This app is more focused on the developer compared to the ‘normal’ Xbox app. In fact it does not more than a Remote Desktop connection to your Dev Xbox One. Together it looks like this. Pretty … Continue reading Xbox One Development (2)

Xbox One Development

You now can develop, build and deploy apps to your own Xbox One. In the Xbox One app store you need to search for Developer Activation and you get an app. After the install, you get an activation code. This one needs to bee entered on the URL; Your Xbox is now a developer Xbox(see NB). More information can be found here. Just like developing for Windows Core IoT it is very easy. In Visual Studio select File –> New –> Project and then Windows –> Universal. With Run choose for Remote Machine and find your Xbox One … Continue reading Xbox One Development

OneNote Tip: Copy Text from Picture

You probably know it, via Bing/Google or other search engine you find a nice pciture with a very strong text. You don’t want to use the picture just the text. Ofcourse you can type it over, but if you are not like me very handy with typing, it takes a while. OneNote has THE solution for it. In a OneNote page you paste the picture. Then a right click on your mouse on the picture. Choose for the menuitem “Copy Text from Picture” And choose paste some where else. Top Feature! Very handy!