Xbox One Development

You now can develop, build and deploy apps to your own Xbox One. In the Xbox One app store you need to search for Developer Activation and you get an app. After the install, you get an activation code. This one needs to bee entered on the URL; Your Xbox is now a developer Xbox(see NB).


More information can be found here.

Just like developing for Windows Core IoT it is very easy. In Visual Studio select File –> New –> Project and then Windows –> Universal. With Run choose for Remote Machine and find your Xbox One on your network. The Xbox and your development PC have to be on the same network.


Then you can run your app! It will take a little while before it really opens on the Xbox. The cursor can be moved with the Xbox controller.


I like it a lot!


Pushing a button just happens with the X button on your controller.


The code is normal .NET Universal App code.


Notabene: After installing the Developer activation app, your Xbox is not able to run the installed games. You need to disable the Developer mode to make it a normal Xbox again. You can switch back and forth at your will.

Happy programming!

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