Backup on Windows Azure

Windows Azure is build on the fact that services and applications will never be unavailable by hardware failures. The Windows Azure platform made self healing. Your website runs on a server, in case the physical hardware should break down, the platform will move your website to another server. Also possible with virtual machines and Cloud Services if you have al least two instances of your service. Many think this a great feature of the platform, but they are worried about the failures made by users. How could the platform help us with that? I am not trying to start a … Continue reading Backup on Windows Azure

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Since some time the Windows Azure Mobile Services are available via de Windows Azure management portal. These Mobile Services make it easier to quickly create a mobile application with Windows Azure as backend. It is not limited to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but also iOS is a target platform. Like we getting used to the new possibilities on the Windows Azure portal and the Cloud services are rapidly added and enhanced. We already were able to create Mobile applications with Windows Azure SQL Databases as backend, use push notifications and use different identity providers. But now there is … Continue reading Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Portal Updates

Like it supposed to be in a Cloud environment, with steady updates come new features and updates to the Windows Azure portal. Since today new updates and features are added to the Windows Azure portal. Here is a small summary. Updates 1) With the Windows Azure portal you could already edit the settings from the ServiceConfiguration.cscfg. In the beginning the size of the fields were to little, from now on that is changed. 2) On the Storage pages you could not do much. Of course with the different tools from third party vendors, but to create a container could be … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Updates

Windows Azure Portal Updates and Windows Azure Mobile Services

The preview Windows Azure management portal is updated since yesterday. A number of wishes of users is wrapped in this update. Here a small summary: – Now it is possible to resize the coumns of the grid. VEry handy for the VM’s / VD’s with their awfully long names. – There is a new Settings tab, on which you can manage your certificates. It is possible to upload and to delete them. – When zooming into a Cloud Service, now on the left hand side you see where you came from. But there is more! Today also introduced Windows Azure … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Updates and Windows Azure Mobile Services

Post TechDay event Workshop SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools)

On Saturday 18 February 2012 took in Baarn at VX Company the SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) event place. This event organized by VX Company and SDN took place after the TechDays! On this Saturday Gert Drapers especially came to give a Deep Dive session about SQL Server Data Tools. To make it even more interesting Gert used the latest build of the tools. During the session a lot of inside information was given about the tools, but also about the way the tools are developed. It was a great and utterly interesting event. The attendees went away with a … Continue reading Post TechDay event Workshop SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools)