ConnectionStrings / AppSettings Azure

During my actions to understand Azure webjobs I stumbled upon this nice feature. A Webjob is deployed with an Azure website. With a Webjob there belongs a dashboard for logging and details on processing. After I deployed my Webjob on this Dashboard I saw errors and warnings. Although my Webjob was running according to the status.   As the error/warning told, I had to add the Connectionstring to the connectionstrings part on the configure part of an Azure website. That cleared the error/warning. First thought was now I have to configure the Connectionstring on two places. Once on the portal … Continue reading ConnectionStrings / AppSettings Azure

Microsoft Azure: Linux

During the past Connect(); event in New York Microsoft made clear they love Linux and Open Source. Their .NET framework is now open source which shows this love. But Satya Nadella earlier already stated Microsoft Love Linux. In the beginning Azure only exists of Microsoft related products. In fact Azure was only PAAS. Virtual Machines like with Amazon wasn’t possible. There has been something called VM Role but luckily this was replaced very quickly by the real IAAS. Since the new HTML portal ( IAAS or Virtual Machine belong to Microsoft Cloud landscape. And Linux images belonged to them on … Continue reading Microsoft Azure: Linux

DevOps session by Richard Campbell

On 26 May Richard Campbell was at Prodware Benelux in Rijswijk. Jarkko of the The Software Architecture and Project Design The Hague organized this presentation. It was a great event and Richard Campbell proved once again he is a great speaker. The session was recorded and can be watch via YouTube.