IoT (2) Intel Galileo

At the last //Build conference they spoke about Windows on a Intel mainboard. Intel developed a chip which was capable of running Microsoft Windows. The board is a Intel Galileo. In fact it is a Arduino board so the available Arduino components (of which a lot is available) can be used with it. The Arduino development environment is shown below. The code is C / C++. The example will make the onboard led blink. I wanted Windows on it of course. Therefore I had to perform a firmware update. The Arduino development environment is fairly simple. It is copy/paste of … Continue reading IoT (2) Intel Galileo

IoT (1) .NET Gadgeteer

Internet of Things has gain interest over the pas months/years. Not that strange, because the world is becoming more connected everyday. Everything and everyone is connected on every spot on this globe. On vacation in the early days you send postcards to the ones left behind. A vacation was getting away for real. For a long time there were no Dutch newspapers in foreign countries, so news from the home country was also blocked during the vacation. But now everyone has a mobile and tablets. Almost everywhere we have internet and we keep each other posted over the internet via … Continue reading IoT (1) .NET Gadgeteer

Surface Pro 3

Today my Surface Pro 3 (i7 with  256 Gb disk 8Gb memory) finally came. I looked forward to its arrival for a long time and I am very curious about the differences. And the differences are big. First the screen is 12 inch, 2 more than the previous Pro’s. Also the ratio of the screen is different (2:3) and therefore also the resolution (2160×1440). The pen has a battery in it. The Surface Pro 3 can bend in more steps than the previous ones. The first had 1 position, the second had two en the third has multi. I am … Continue reading Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Project Siena

This Windows 8 app is available for some time now. This app makes it possible to create powerful Business apps and publish it without writing one line of code. More information can be found on Microsoft Project Siena site. It sounds great. Business users who click their own apps together to simply their own work. Sounds very interesting so I wanted to try it myself. After starting the app, you will the screen below. An empty screen on which you can add Visuals. It is recommended to look at some of the tutorials. Personally I found the flow, workflow or … Continue reading Microsoft Project Siena

Kinect for Windows V2 – Sensor

Probably you have already heard or read about it. In our SDN event in March we had a session and in our SDN magazine 120 there was an article, both by Dennis Vroegop and based on the Developers preview kit. In the meantime a lot is changed. The accompanied SDK has changed a lot and almost weekly there are new features. There is a public preview SDK available. After the installation of the SDK you get these apps: Gesture Builder Kinect Studio SDK Browser (examples) But without a device the SDK is not very useful, since 15 July the Kinect … Continue reading Kinect for Windows V2 – Sensor

Windows Phone 8.1

Soon a nice update will come to your Windows Phone 8: Windows Phone 8.1. This update contains a lot of UI updates but also additions like other platforms know. It will be possible to have a background picture. This picture will show in the icons with a transparent picture. On Android and Apple platform there is a notification center. On these devices you swipe from the top down and you get a overview of all notifications. Here you can see al text messages, Whatsapp, mails or other notifications. This will come to Windows Phone too. I am using it for … Continue reading Windows Phone 8.1


I was very disappointed to hear the announcement of delaying the launch of XBox One in the Netherlands. Except in Belgium and Luxemburg he did launch in Germany and England. For a moment it looked like the XBox would come to the Netherlands late 2014. I was not willing to wait that long, I was to curious about the device. What could it do, how will the new Kinect react and work, what are the differences with XBox 360 and how much better are the games. I am not a great gamer, but I like to kill some time behind … Continue reading XBOX ONE

Windows 8.1 goodies

It depends on which version of Windows you are using if you like Windows 8. The sentiments about it fill the full range of emotions, some like it a lot and others hate it. The haters mostly don’t like it because their cheese has been moved. It is still there, but a bit difficult to find perhaps. Windows 8 focus on touch. But everything can be done by keyboard and mouse too, although the it is less obvious. The  free upgrade to Windows 8.1 makes a few of the bad things better. The only thing it does not solve is … Continue reading Windows 8.1 goodies

Surface 2 vs Surface RT

I ordered my Surface RT when it came available in Germany. I had lots of fun with it. The differences between a Surface PRO or a Windows 8 laptop are obvious. On a Windows RT you are not able to install desktop apps (for example Visual Studio). Only apps from the Windows Store can be installed and used. Confusingly on both Windows RT and Windows 8 there is a desktop, which suggest and confuse the same time. A Surface RT is accompanied by a free version of Microsoft Office. And now with Windows 8.1 their is also a real Outlook … Continue reading Surface 2 vs Surface RT

LEAP Motion: another way of touch

Since the first computer we are using keyboards to give commands to the thing. Ok, the first computers were controlled with switches. But rather quick there are keyboards and a computer without a keyboard is difficult to imagine. As the graphical user interfaces made their appearance, a new thing came around the corner. Douglas Engelbert introduced to us the mouse. The good man died this year at the age of 88. Again the mouse is difficult to imagine not to be around our computers. In the past period different kinds are made: trackballs, pen mouse’s, track pads etc. Nowadays they … Continue reading LEAP Motion: another way of touch