Macro in Excel not working after update

I am using an Excel 2013 sheet to create invoices. It is powered by macro’s a lot. After the latest Office updates the Excel sheet did not work like it use to. It reported unclear errors. After some searching on the internet I found the solution to this situation. Just search for file MSForms.exd, which shall be located in temporary folder C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\ and delete MSForms.exd. The file will be rebuild during the next Excel 2013 launch, and all VBA macros will work. It worked and so did my Invoice sheet.

Microsoft Azure Remote Apps

On the Microsoft Azure platform we had the three AAS: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service en Software as a Service. Each has his own position within an Enterprise. IAAS is about virtualization of computers via Virtual Machines. The number of companies using physical hardware is getting very small. With PAAS it is about virtualization of the platform. The application/developer should be unaware about underlying servers and hardware. They don’t need to know it, the platform takes care of the capacities and availability. With SAAS even more of the underlying platform complexities is hidden for the users. Often … Continue reading Microsoft Azure Remote Apps


Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 now completely complies to the Metro style. The parts of Office now look more like Visual Studio 2012 and they are better touchable.

Yesterday I saw this feature in Microsoft Office.


You can find it in all part of Office 2013. Clicking on this menu item makes the space between the menu-items, buttons and icons larger. This way on a touch device, it is more touchable.


(not selected)



The funny part is, that if you have more Office products open at once, they all react on the selection of the item.

This also works with Windows 7.