Backup on Windows Azure

Windows Azure is build on the fact that services and applications will never be unavailable by hardware failures. The Windows Azure platform made self healing. Your website runs on a server, in case the physical hardware should break down, the platform will move your website to another server. Also possible with virtual machines and Cloud Services if you have al least two instances of your service. Many think this a great feature of the platform, but they are worried about the failures made by users. How could the platform help us with that? I am not trying to start a … Continue reading Backup on Windows Azure

Windows Azure Portal Enhancements 2013-11

They work hard on the Windows Azure portal, which results in many enhancements and changes. It starts with logging in. If you go to the first change/enhancement is there. Before the portal assumed you wanted to login with a Microsoft account. If you wanted to use your Office 365 account (Organizational Account), there was a obscure link left in the picture. The login screen changed to the Office 365 login form. Now you get a clean and empty form with just an edit field. In the edit field an e-mail address is entered. The portal will find what kind … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Enhancements 2013-11

Windows Azure tools 2.2

Evert now and then a new version of the Windows Azure tools for Visual Studio is released. With the arrival of the version of Visual Studio that would be a great update moment. This time not just a refresh of the tools, but there a great jewels of additions. Which are also available for Visual Studio 2012. This time the process to manage your Windows Azure subscriptions in Visual Studio is redesigned and changed. In previous versions you did need to download a .publishsettings xml file (on This file contained all the information about your subscriptions. By importing this … Continue reading Windows Azure tools 2.2

Windows Azure Free Trail

Because I wanted to connect a Windows Azure account with my Office 365 account, so I started a new Windows Azure subscription. In this blogpost I will show you the steps needed in the process of creating a new subsciption. You can start with Windows Azure without any risks, when the free usage is done it will stop without any costs. The first step is going to:   When choosing for “Buy now”, you get a screen like this. I assume a private use, meaning we want to use what we really use and we do not want to … Continue reading Windows Azure Free Trail

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp NL

Last Saturday there was the Worldwide Global Windows Azure Bootcamp. In The Netherlands this was organized by WAZUG and SDN. The program contained a Windows Azure introduction by Marcel Meijer and after the lunch a session about HD Insight by Dennis Mulder. In the meantime there was the possibility to work on the Hands-on labs of the Windows Azure trainings kit. Patriek van Dorp, Dennis Mulder, Edwin van Wijk and Marcel Meijer were available for questions and helping with solving problems.   At the end of the event there was Worldwide experiment. All countries run the Kinect and Windows Azure … Continue reading Global Windows Azure Bootcamp NL

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Since some time the Windows Azure Mobile Services are available via de Windows Azure management portal. These Mobile Services make it easier to quickly create a mobile application with Windows Azure as backend. It is not limited to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but also iOS is a target platform. Like we getting used to the new possibilities on the Windows Azure portal and the Cloud services are rapidly added and enhanced. We already were able to create Mobile applications with Windows Azure SQL Databases as backend, use push notifications and use different identity providers. But now there is … Continue reading Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Portal Updates and Windows Azure Mobile Services

The preview Windows Azure management portal is updated since yesterday. A number of wishes of users is wrapped in this update. Here a small summary: – Now it is possible to resize the coumns of the grid. VEry handy for the VM’s / VD’s with their awfully long names. – There is a new Settings tab, on which you can manage your certificates. It is possible to upload and to delete them. – When zooming into a Cloud Service, now on the left hand side you see where you came from. But there is more! Today also introduced Windows Azure … Continue reading Windows Azure Portal Updates and Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Renewed!

Since last week Thursday (June 7 2012) is the new HTML portal of Windows Azure live and available for everyone. This new portal is a relief compared to the Silverlight one. And that was really better then this predecessor. Remember? The first portal gave the feeling to paint your hallway through the letterbox slot in the door. There was not much to manage. But that is the past, what is new on the Windows Azure Management Portal. He is now available through the And like I said before no more Silverlight, but pure HTML. The consequence of that … Continue reading Windows Azure Renewed!

MEET Windows Azure on June the 7th

Windows Azure is on my radar since its first public CTP at PDC’2008. Nowadays a lot of my working hours and beyond are filled with Windows Azure! And I love it. Get ready to MEET Windows Azure live on June the 7th. Register to watch live (June the 7th 1PM PDT) here. Be informed by following the conversation @WindowsAzure, #MEETAzure, #WindowsAzure And, if you want to be more social, register for the Social meet up on Twitter event, organized by fellow Azure MVP Magnus Martensson. You don’t want to miss this event! See you there! MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay: Roger … Continue reading MEET Windows Azure on June the 7th