SQL Azure DACPAC – import and export data

If you keep an eye on the Windows Azure blog then you saw the  announcement of service release of SQL Azure. With this update there are also changes made to the SQL Azure part on the Windows Azure portal. Before we had Houston (on my Dutch blog I had months ago an item on that one). Houston was the web tooling to manage the database objects on a SQL Azure instance. And it was pretty neat! Other competitors also came with Web sites from which you can manage a SQL Azure instance. This new release is a clean-up of the … Continue reading SQL Azure DACPAC – import and export data

Update Record in Windows Azure Table storage

As told in my previous Blogpost I kept a list of the Blob name and the LastModifiedUtc. To make this solution usable for more then one instances I stored this list in a Windows Azure storage table. So if I copied a Blob with a changed LastModifiedUtc, I had to update my list too. Adding a new record to the Table storage was rather simple. this.context.AddObject( BlobCheckListContext.BlobCheckListTable, newItem ); this.context.SaveChanges(); But for updating you need to do something little extra. Btw this also goes for a deletion. this.context.AttachTo( BlobCheckListContext.BlobCheckListTable, updatedItem, “*” ); this.context.UpdateObject(updatedItem); this.context.SaveChangesWithRetries( SaveChangesOptions.ReplaceOnUpdate ); So before updating of … Continue reading Update Record in Windows Azure Table storage

Windows Azure Blob storage Modified date

I made a solution for a customer where I copied blobs from Windows Azure Blobstorage to an different location on Windows Azure Blobstorage. But to be a bit efficient I was keeping a list of blobs I have copied already. This list contains a Last modified date. So I the Last modified date was not changed I did not copy etc. Smart and at first it looked rater simple. Take a Blob look at the property LastModifiedUtc and voila. blockBlob.Properties.LastModifiedUtc So with a blob I look in the list compare the LastModifiedUtc of the Blob with the one in the … Continue reading Windows Azure Blob storage Modified date