Xamarin: Multi Platform Development

In the past I wrote some applications for the Windows Phone Platform. A few of them can be even found in the store. They are not perfect, but they gave me good insight in how it works. What does a little screen mean for development and what does it need to get in the store? The first of the list is still in the store, but I lost the code . Even then the rules of the store are tighten a lot, so this app would not stand these current rules. I have a app for the Windows 8 platform … Continue reading Xamarin: Multi Platform Development

Windows Phone 8.1

Soon a nice update will come to your Windows Phone 8: Windows Phone 8.1. This update contains a lot of UI updates but also additions like other platforms know. It will be possible to have a background picture. This picture will show in the icons with a transparent picture. On Android and Apple platform there is a notification center. On these devices you swipe from the top down and you get a overview of all notifications. Here you can see al text messages, Whatsapp, mails or other notifications. This will come to Windows Phone too. I am using it for … Continue reading Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Since some time the Windows Azure Mobile Services are available via de Windows Azure management portal. These Mobile Services make it easier to quickly create a mobile application with Windows Azure as backend. It is not limited to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but also iOS is a target platform. Like we getting used to the new possibilities on the Windows Azure portal and the Cloud services are rapidly added and enhanced. We already were able to create Mobile applications with Windows Azure SQL Databases as backend, use push notifications and use different identity providers. But now there is … Continue reading Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Websites and Storage

Windows Azure Websites are very handy to get a website quickly available. You can choose from a gallery of products. This gallery contains Blogs (WordPress), Content management systems (DotNetNuke), Wiki’s etc. And if you look closely their not all .NET based. Some need SQL Server database and others need MySQL. No problem at all. With a few clicks your website is up and running. But if you have a existing website, that one can also be hosted on Windows Azure websites. Also with a few more clicks you are up en running. Does the Website need to know about the … Continue reading Windows Azure Websites and Storage

Windows Phone 8

With the Windows Phone 7 came the Zune software to our PC’s. With this software (sometimes called the iTunes of Windows Phone) you could move music, photos and movies to your phone. Automatically the stuff on your phone was synced to your PC. With Windows Phone 8 we leave Zune and are getting a Windows Phone app. This app can be installed from the Microsoft Windows 8 store. If you are using Windows 8, you can install it right now. But it will be useful until you have a Windows Phone 8. Perhaps even Windows Phone 7.8 is sufficient, but … Continue reading Windows Phone 8