Windows Azure is Multi Language

At divers event Microsoft tells Windows Azure is Multi Language, or Java is a first class citizen of Windows Azure. This part of the website show it is completely true. If you wonder what other means, C++ or Python or any language you can think of.

SQL Azure DACPAC – import and export data

If you keep an eye on the Windows Azure blog then you saw the  announcement of service release of SQL Azure. With this update there are also changes made to the SQL Azure part on the Windows Azure portal. Before we had Houston (on my Dutch blog I had months ago an item on that one). Houston was the web tooling to manage the database objects on a SQL Azure instance. And it was pretty neat! Other competitors also came with Web sites from which you can manage a SQL Azure instance. This new release is a clean-up of the … Continue reading SQL Azure DACPAC – import and export data

SQL Azure versions

Few months ago on the Windows Azure blog there was the announcement about the SQL Azure July service release. In this blog post they warned, the live version van SQL Azure would be update in de coming weeks. In order to keep using SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) you had to get current on a few SQL Server 2008 R2 updates. So after these update you could work with the tools and SQL Azure as you used to be. Such a update takes a while that all the nodes in the Windows Azure datacenters are ready. I was able … Continue reading SQL Azure versions