Update Record in Windows Azure Table storage

As told in my previous Blogpost I kept a list of the Blob name and the LastModifiedUtc. To make this solution usable for more then one instances I stored this list in a Windows Azure storage table. So if I copied a Blob with a changed LastModifiedUtc, I had to update my list too. Adding a new record to the Table storage was rather simple. this.context.AddObject( BlobCheckListContext.BlobCheckListTable, newItem ); this.context.SaveChanges(); But for updating you need to do something little extra. Btw this also goes for a deletion. this.context.AttachTo( BlobCheckListContext.BlobCheckListTable, updatedItem, “*” ); this.context.UpdateObject(updatedItem); this.context.SaveChangesWithRetries( SaveChangesOptions.ReplaceOnUpdate ); So before updating of … Continue reading Update Record in Windows Azure Table storage