Visual Studio Team System basics training – VPC image (5.2 GB)

A complete, self-paced training course with a VPC image containing Team System software is available for developers to download. You can get familiarize with Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) by downloading the 5.2 GB RAR files, extract the VPC image and training content (labs and demos), and access the VPC image using Virtual PC 2004 / 2007, or Virtual Server 2005.

The self-study course provides basics information on VSTS. There are 7 modules in this training: Overview, Team Foundation Administration, Architect, Developer, Tester, Project Manager, Team Explorer. Attendees can get a brief refresher and/or overview on VSTS, and understand the architecture and capabilities of both the client SKUs as well as Team Foundation Server (TFS).

(Note that the VPC image works correctly to a date of January 1, 2005, and you will need to ensure the host machine clocks are set to two weeks prior to the expiration date.)

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– Visual Studio 2005 Team System basics training (Level 200)

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