SQL Server Management Studio – standard reports in the Summary Page

In SQL Server Management Studio, the Summary Page can be displayed at any time by pressing F7 (or, to be chosen from the menu –> View –> Summary). When you select an item in the Object Explorer of SQL Server Management Studio, information about that object is presented in the document window called the Summary Page.

You can opt to display the Summary Page when starting SQL Server Management Studio.

–> Tools –> Options –> Environment –> General –> At startup: Open Object Explorer

Note that the Summary Page will be displayed when the option ‘Open Object Explorer’ is being chosen. Other options will *not* bring up the Summary Page at startup (which include ‘Open new query window’, ‘Open Object Explorer and new query’, ‘Open empty environment’).

Following is the list of reports that can be found within the Summary Page when you choose a *SQL Server* in the Object Explorer. This list will be changed when you choose different kinds of database objects.

~ server dashboard
~ configuration changes history
~ schema changes history
~ scheduler health
~ memory consumption
~ activity – all blocking transactions
~ activity – all cursors
~ activity – top cursors
~ activity – all sessions
~ activity – top sessions
~ activity – dormant sessions
~ activity – top connections
~ top transactions by age
~ top transactions by blocked transactions count
~ top transactions by locks count
~ performance – batch execution statistics
~ performance – object execution statistics
~ performance – top queries by average CPU time
~ performance – top queries by average IO
~ performance – top queries by total CPU time
~ performance – top queries by total IO
~ service broker statistics
~ transaction log shipping status

Recently, Buck Woody blogged the standard reports that can be found under the Summary Page. More information can be found here.


GovHK Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar

Have just installed the GovHK gadget, and it’s now sitting on top of my Vista sidebar. The GovHK gadget is a small and handy mini-program that provides quick and easy access to key information such as latest government news, weather and air pollution index. A Search service is also available so that you can easily search for information from all government websites in Hong Kong.

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~ GovHK Gadget


TechNet webcast: Advanced Manageability for SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services on 2007.10.10

With the release of SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services, Microsoft introduces several advanced features for manageability and one such feature is Dynamic Management Views (DMV). These views enable administrators to query for information regarding connections, sessions, and server performance. This session focuses on such views and will drill down into many examples of their usage. This session will also help you learen on how to build effective queries, reports and even cubes that you can use to understand the behavior and monitor the performance of your SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.
Presenter: Donald Farmer (Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation)

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~ Advanced Manageability for SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (recorded session)