[ Open in New Windows ] and [ Open in New Tab ] commands do not work in Internet Explorer 8 RTW

So, I have installed Internet Explorer 8 on my Windows Server 2008 SP1 Datacenter Edition 64-bit, but… not that smooth. Somehow, something goes wrong somewhere, and I got the following problems after the installation of Windows IE8 RTW.

– In Windows Explorer (I mean those file explorer for browsing folders/files), when I double-click on a folder, a new Windows Explorer is popped up instead of (my default behavior is) showing the folder in the same explorer.

– In Windows IE8, when I right-click a web address on a web page, and then click [Open in New Window] or [Open in New Tab], the web page cannot be opened in a new window / tab.

– In Windows IE8, when I click a link on a web page that uses scripting to open a new window, the new window cannot be opened. (This is absolutely inconvenience as I need to use some kind of banking services immediately, while that bank uses JavaScript to open a new window.)

After investigating the problem for a while, I found that a registry entry was (somehow!) missing after the installation of Windows IE8, that relates to [ actxprxy.dll ].

===== Solution =====

Run [ Command Prompt ] (You will need to **Run as administrator**)

Type the following command. ( regsvr32 actxprxy.dll )



All go smoothly!… and, I am now enjoying the much faster explorer engine.   🙂


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  1. Yes, this one seems to be a major oversight my MS and one they don’t appear to be in any rush to fix. I hit this on a 64-bit system some months ago (although I never found this blog back then) and wrote about it in the MS Newsgroups which subsequenly got very little attention. I just now hit the same problem on a 32-bit system and the same regsvr32 command fixes the issue there too, so if you have this problem in 32-bit then it’s also worth a try.

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