Addicted to Ctrl + <comma> in Visual Studio 2010

The keystrokes [ Ctrl + <comma> ] in Visual Studio 2010 is used to navigate to your line of interest! … and, you should soon forget about what [ Ctrl + F ] is, after using [ Ctrl + <comma> ] !!

Suppose that you need to search for the string ‘ConnectToSqlDatabase’ in your solution, you can press [ Ctrl + <comma> ], and the [ Navigate To ] dialog pops up.
Typing ‘Con’ for the search terms, and…

What happened here is that the number of matching results are decreased as I type ‘Con’ character by character.
You can then click on a matching result, and jump to the line of source code that matches the search term.

Another useful feature is that [ Navigate To ] also recognize search terms in Pascal Case!
Suppose that you do not know whether the function is called [ Connect…(something)…SqlDatabase ], or is called [ Change…(something)…SqlDatabase ], but you know that they both have pascal case ‘CSD’…

And, pascal case is not just limited to Intellisense, but also for the search terms in the [ Navigate To ] feature…. ( Ctrl + <comma> )

So, may I ‘also’ forget about [ Ctrl + F ] even when I am using Microsoft Office… some day?
… Just joking, of course   🙂


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