Maintenance plan changes in SQL Server 2005 SP2 – cleanup interval for history cleanup task / maintenance cleanup taks is now based on hours

In SQL Server 2005 SP2, cleanup interval for the History Cleanup Task or the Maintenance Cleanup Task of SQL Server 2005 SP2 maintenance plans are specified in hours.


After installing SP2 *on SQL Server 2005*, you will need to adjust the age units of the cleanup tasks using Maintenance Plan Designer (of SQL Server 2005 *SP2 tools*). Otherwise, intervals existing cleanup tasks will be misinterpreted, and the data cleanup will be made earlier than what was intended.


If you have *not* installed SP2 on SQL Server 2005, while you depend on the Maintenance Cleanup Task or the History Cleanup Task, you are suggested to use matching server and tool versions. (E.g., To use SP1 tools on SQL Server 2005 with SP1 applied.)


Note: This does *not* affect SQL Server 2000 legacy maintenance plans.


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SQL Server 2005 SP2 is now available

SQL Server 2005 SP2 is now available, and you can download it at


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Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is released

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Team Suite (Standard, Professional , Team Edition), Team Foundation Server, and Express Editions are available, and can be downloaded at {



Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista Beta will also be available within a few days, while the final release is expected to be available at Q1 of 2007.


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Installation of SQL Server 2005 in Windows Vista – warning message on IIS feature requirement during System Configuration Check

During the installation of SQL Server 2005 in Windows Vista, the following warning message may appear during System Configuration Check (IIS feature requirement), indicating that IIS is not configured properly.


===== Warning message =====


Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is either not installed or is disabled. IIS is required by some SQL Server features. Without IIS, some SQL Server features will not be available for installation. To install all SQL Server features, install IIS from Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel or enable the IIS service through the Control Panel if it is already installed, and then run SQL Server Setup again. For a list of features that depend on IIS, see Features Supported by Editions of SQL Server in Books Online.


===== Solution =====


1. Log-on with a user having administrative privileges, or invoke applications explicitly as the built-in Administrator using the command ‘runas /user:administrator cmd.exe’.


2. Install IIS 7 on Vista

–> Start

   –> Control Panel

      –> Programs

         –> Programs and Features

            –> Turn Windows features on or off

               –> Enable <Internet Information services>


3. Enable various features of IIS

–> Web management tools

   –> IIS 6 Management Compatibility

      –> IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

      –> IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility

–> World Wide Web Services

   –> Application Development Features

      –> ASP.NET

      –> ISAPI Extensions

      –> ISAPI Filters

   –> Common Http Features

      –> Default Document

      –> Directory Browsing

      –> HTTP Redirection

      –> Static Content

   –> Security

      –> Windows Authentication


4. Install SQL Server 2005.


5. Be reminded to apply SQL Server 2005 service pack 2. 


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