The age of the favourites bar…

Remember Internet Explorer 6? I do. It was the browser which defaulted to a favourites bar that was never much use as I could see, but we kept it anyway.

When Internet Explorer 7 appeared, it was more minimalist than an empty white room, and I hated it, re-instating ‘6’ very quickly. After a couple of days, I scolded myself for being stupid, and installed ‘7’ again, but with no favourites bar showing.

I adopted Netvibes as my start page, filling it all up with junk for the most part. Well, you never know, do you, and junk has its place. Then Pageflakes appeared and I really went overboard. It was way more complex than the IE7’s Favourites column, but easier to manage. As before, I rarely visited very much of it, and now of course, the time of the Ajax home page is coming t an end, has ended for me.

Edge now sports a neat Favourites bar, eleven items only, and its all good. Cortana will tell you how to get it.

Over the years, I have been gradually simplifying my computing experience, and it now stands at a neat bar, and an Android smartphone which I had clearly stated that I would NEVER adopt.

Away from the constant pressure of daily support in Forums, and the adoption of simple ways, my life in front of a computer is far more rewarding than it has been in a long time. Maybe you should try it too…

Have  great day… (-:


My favourite ‘Ajax’ Home (Start) page, Protopage, has changed. At first, it was clear of ads, and then it wasn’t and they wanted to charge $2.49 per month to supply it ‘ad-free’.

Now they have an even better plan to get funds. They only supply the ‘mobile’ version as seen on smart phones unless they are paid $2.49 per month. I am assuming that they want almost $2.49 per month for the full customisable version in ad-free form.

Not happening. It is too easy to use Edge’s Favourites function for free. I accept that we should not expect everything for free, but it is simply not worth what they are asking. Later today, I will instate Edge favourites, and Protopage will be yet another memory of what once was…

Classic Shell gets a reprieve.. and other stuff

This is good to see. After a major update, Windows 10 no longer kicks CS to the kerb, choosing instead to reconfigure it instead.  Thank you for listening..

One of my other major gripes is the proliferation of ads on websites. This is NOT going to get any better, can only get worse. There are now some places on the Internet to which I NEVER go. I flatly refuse to wait seemingly forever while all of the crap loads into a page, and a lot of it is just that… CRAP.

In marketing, if one gets three positive responses for every hundred tries, that apparently is a good thing. Not on the Internet it isn’t, and certainly not in my eyes. Please go away, and when I have bought stuff on the Internet, do not hound me for months after with more ads for the same thing. One child car seat was enough, thank you very much.

Have a great day…

A general update..

I haven’t been very active here recently, or in the  Microsoft forums. I don’t feel any excitement anymore and have had enough of people whinging about Windows 10.

To some degree, my lack of interest is as much down to health issues as anything, with me re-assessing priorities after having recovered from one cancer to then be told that I have another.  It never ends, just like the Windows 10 haters don’t seem to be able to give it up.

Windows 10 breathed new life into my little Toshiba netbook, and for that  am eternally grateful. It received a new battery recently, one of the large capacity type, and will now keep going for over three hours on battery alone. I haven’t kicked up my large desktop machine in almost three months because I don’t need it anymore.

As slow as the Toshiba is, and it is for sure, between it and my Motorola G4+ smartphone, I get all that I want done in a day. All of my email accounts are piped through to the phone via Aquamail, and I can get to them anywhere, subject to having a Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t get any easier. No more sitting at a desk hour after hour, trying to help computer users, updating web pages, playing games to  pass the time.

So, that’s about it for now. If anything of interest comes up, I will no doubt have something to say, and will say it. A for instance, Android Nougat will make an appearance on my phone towards the end of the year. Can’t wait (sigh).


Stay safe and have a great day…

It wasn’t always this way…

For those of us who use 3rd party start menus, upgrading to Windows 10 1607 can be a shock. The upgrade removes Classic Shell which would be fine if all users knew how to put it back.

My clients do not know. They ask me to give them something they recognise, and I do it for them because they are not interested in technicalities.

A question … What is it about Classic Shell that is so bad that it has to be removed? Removal just sets in panic and some users call bogus ‘help’ companies, turning a bad situation into something much worse…

The Windows Anniversary Update..

Last night, I manually installed the update on a six year old desktop PC and also my Toshiba Netbook.

I have to report that while the update took a while to install, it did so successfully on both machines. There are reports that it craps some machines out, but mine can’t be included in those statistics.

I didn’t install the update for new features, by the way. It was purely done to keep them both as current as they can be.

July 29, 2016..

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 for free already, you are fast running out of time. Holding onto Windows 7 is not a good thing to do, however used to it you are. It gets no more full support, no more improvements, and will start to lose support from 3rd party manufacturers and software.

Here is an article on why you should upgrade. I suggest that you do it now..

It all happens..

.. on August 2nd or thereabouts. The first major update of Windows 10 is upon us, and if it changes my hardware drivers. I will not be happy.

For the last few weeks, I have had display driver problems and sound as well. Yesterday, I re-installed sound and today I will re-install the AMD screen drivers.

The PC locks up now and again, very annoying when I am in the middle of a short story writing session. Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows 10 but I wish that updates would leave some stuff alone..

Refresh Windows..

It’s a new ‘program’ coming in the July update..


I wonder how much use this will be to the average Windows user.

Option #1… lose everything but files

Option #2… lose everything

Isn’t this what has been happening with the Windows 10 forced upgrades? And Microsoft wants the end user to deliberately pick one of these options? And in a bid to do what exactly?

After Windows 98, the need to refresh the OS at regular intervals faded away, XP being able to keep itself on track and running. I told people this and, for many, it worked well.

That was then, this is now.

I have users having to cope with NO ACCESS to online e-books purchased because the latest version of the program doesn’t allow it on a clean installation. They have to RE-BUY the books. This is what I am told by users who have contacted the e-readers program authors.

If I were to use refresh, I would have to completely re-install MS Office, and a few other utilities, but WHY? It takes forever to do it, and it is 2016, not 2001.

I know what is going to happen. End users will use the new feature, believing that saving files is enough, but it won’t be.

Windows 10 isn’t entirely free? Zut alors..

This is terrible news. Look see..

Those mean ‘Softies’ want to promote games and stuff for which we will be charged MONEY. Wahhhhhh. They even want MOMEY for making Solitaire a better game.

Is it not bad enough that I am being asked to pay $2.99 per month to remove the header ad from my Protopage home page. Whether t’is nobler to pay up and look happy or just hit the ‘x’ is NOT open to question at all. I hit the ‘x’.

Monetize, monetize, monetize is all I have been seeing for a considerable while, for blogs, webpages, and crappy Android apps. Microsoft has been quite slow coming into the game, just as it was when the Internet started, and is no worse than any of the original game players.

Before I pay out, an app has got to be pretty darn good, but 99% of them don’t get close. Having said that, I run Windows 10 on all of my PCs and Android on my annoyingly slow smartphone, avoiding the temptation to pay for ANY junk. Start10 for Windows 10 and Aquamail for Android are the only two apps for which I have paid anything, and I get along very well.

So, enough of this ‘Windows 10 isn’t free’ jive.