Vista in the dawn..

Vista has been installed on my computer now since the morning of November 18th, along with Office Professional 2007, and all is surprisingly good. Some of the drivers available for devices are not quite what they could be, but everything works.

My Canon Lide 30 scanner was tried on RC1 during testing, and worked no problem. The original Canon CD was used to install drivers, and a visit to the Canon website gotten me the latest driver and Tool box version that was ever released. The HP 5150 printer is not connected directly to Vista, but it does work via my home network.

Internal devices fared less well. The MSI NX6600 VTD256E video card runs, but the driver installed is basic and does lose touch with the system on occasion. Nvidia will no doubt release something more meaningful in time, so for now I accept less than sparkling performance and the basic Vista handling of dual screen set ups.

Realtek Sound has also had it’s ups and downs. The Vista driver did not work well at all. There was sound, but also a popup error message to the effect that the sound driver was not compatible with Vista, and suggesting a visit to ‘’. To some degree, I could live with that, but a nasty side effect was where opening Control Panel and attempting to see the lower icons resulted in Control Panel really screwing up to the point where it was unusable. I am presently using the Realtek ‘6183’ driver and all is well.

As with any new OS, there are going to be driver issues, especially where one is in a position to install and run way before the offficial release. For me, Vista has done well, and I like what I see.

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