UAC or not UAC..

.. that is the question. Whether t’is nobler to suffer the annoyingly constant ‘are you sure’ popups, or ………. hark, do I hear shouts of ‘get off’ emanating from the cheap seats? …. or just turn the damn thing off ……….. OK, OK, I’ll quit if UAC quits.

I have no doubt that in a commercial setting, UAC will be a boon to system admins. I have no doubt that UAC will be boon to some families. To me, a single user, a dedicated machine, and a firm believer in the practice of ‘safe hex’, UAC is a PITA, and I am glad that the facility can be turned off.

However, turning UAC off also sends IE7 into unprotected mode. Why do I have to suffer being asked if I really want to move a jpeg file from Mike’s Documents to an archive folder on another drive in order to get protection from some as yet unknown threat via the web? Thank heavens for SpywareBlaster.

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