Compatible software..

Further to an earlier posting, Stickies v6 is now available from .. and all is well. Microsoft Combat Flighter Sim 3 installed ok and works well. Even taking into account the basic NVidia driver, I can run the game with all settings at 5 (the highest), and it really feels like one is there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t improve one’s skills at piloting [:$]. PerfectDisk 8 has given problems. It will defrag what it wants to defrag, in this case everything but the third partition on my primary drive. I have tested the drive, and still PD 8 will not play ball … Continue reading Compatible software..

Nvidia RTM Driver – 32 bit for Vista v. 6000

Nvidia released a new WHQL video driver, version 97.46 on Jan 5th. It fixes the error message sometimes produced by Vista when booting to desktop that informed of a recovery process in progress. The ‘Help’ file is extremely informative, but almost useless as it gives details on how the Nvidia Control Panel will look at some time in the future, and not as it is presented in this latest release. 

IE7 ‘masquerade’ ..

As with all upgraded versions of Internet Explorer, some websites have been unable to be displayed because they require a specific version of IE. Run this little ‘fix’ that enables IE7 to ‘fool’ websites into believing that it is IE6. The link will take you to it.  Note that validation is required before you can download and run it  

Spyware Removal..

  Spyware has become a major player in compromising computers, and the situation is not going to get better any time soon. It can introduce viruses, trojans and worms, and attempt to send out information about you. It is the unwelcome guest and needs to be removed.    The worst of it is that you probably downloaded the spyware, albeit inadvertently..   Some basic steps to removing Spyware/Adware..   First step is to run a one shot virus remover.. I have found that Trend Housecall works for people.. download and run it..   .. select the ‘online scan’ and … Continue reading Spyware Removal..